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Observation elevator

Observation elevator

Nova observation elevator is a new variety which integ...

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Nova observation elevator is a new variety which integrates the passenger and panoramic functions into a whole.It has been produced with the combination of the peoples further demands.The Passenger can watch the scene outside the building during the up and down process.They can enjoy the cozy feel which has been brought along with the modern equipments.

Nova observation elevator has the bright and spacious panoramic sight and exquisite model.It brings about the marvelous and extraordinary charm to the constructions,extends the visual space of the lifts and prolongs the original narrow elevator space.

Nova observation elevator adopts the novel, fully computerized and modularized variable frequency speed control(VVVF)technology.It merges with the data network system and modularized structure.It utilizes the most efficient self-inspection program to produce the smooth elevator running, accurate leveling with fine effectiveness and flexibility.It adds a smart scenery for the modern metropolis.It is more and more widely applicable for the large-size construction areas such as guesthouse, shopping center, office building, restaurant etc.

Standard car
Car cover: Upper cover of acrylic decoration hood,
lower cover of steel plate baked enamel
Obervation Wall: 180°round laminated safety glass(3pcs)
thickness 6+6
Decoration Roof: Steel plate baked enamel framework,
acrylic lighting decoration tubular light decoration
Car wall: Stainless steel hairline board
Handrail: φ38 stainless steel hairline board
Excellent Performance

It uses PLC 32-digit micro-computer control system and AC variable frequency and voltage technology.It has both the excellent performance and the complete&reliable functions.Compared with the same specifications of AC voltage regulative and speed governor elevators, it saves about 30% of the electric force.It results in the extremely smooth and comfortable elevator operation.

Noble and elegant
It employs the latest skill and technology,the most superior decoration materials.It combines with the novel and aristocratic design colors to attain an instantaneous aesthetics of the times.

Cozy and smooth
It designs an ideal running speed curve through the computer. It has been adjusted into a perfect and wonderful feel for the human beings according to the adaptation needs from the human body.It accurately regulates AC electric motor through the vector conrtol.As a result,it brings about a very cozy and smooth elevator operation.

Safe and reliable
The advanced PLC or 32-digit micro-computer control technology considers the trouble possibilities of the elevators under any conditions to the greatest extent.It sets various anti-fault devices and emergency facilities,the most advanced variable frequency elevator door machine systems as well.

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